Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King Trophy List

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Complete the Game
Destroy All Ruins In Level 4
Complete Level 4
Charge at a Charging Bull
Serve Something "Tasty" For The Orcs in Level 7
Find All Blueprints
Die Several Times And Repeat
Find The Sacred Sword
Complete Level 7
Bring The Furnace The Resource It Deseres And Not What It Needs
Play Some Catchy Free Jazz Tunes With The Accordion
Complete Level 8
Don't Fish For The Fish, Fish For Yourself
Create A New Species
Live, Die, Resurrect, Repeat
Play A Calm Tune For The Sleeping Orc
Cook A Yummy Meal
Complete Level 1
Complete Level 5
Honor Thy Ancestors With A Stonepile
Complete Level 6
Complete Level 9
Complete Level 3
Try The Resurrection Spell 10 Times
Take An In Depth Look At A Bear Skin Rug
Steal The Treasure From The Bridge Troll
Get Killed, Get Killed And Then Get Killed Again
Don't Get Killed
Complete Level 2
Watch Your Step With The Tripwires