Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King Trophy List

Goblin King Goblin King
Complete the Game
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Destroy All Ruins In Level 4
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Building Bridges Building Bridges
Complete Level 4
By The Horns By The Horns
Charge at a Charging Bull
Cowboy Cowboy
Serve Something "Tasty" For The Orcs in Level 7
Crafting Genius Crafting Genius
Find All Blueprints
Darwin Award Darwin Award
Die Several Times And Repeat
Excalibur Excalibur
Find The Sacred Sword
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Freeze Freeze
Complete Level 7
Goblin Cube Goblin Cube
Bring The Furnace The Resource It Deseres And Not What It Needs
Gobstar Gobstar
Play Some Catchy Free Jazz Tunes With The Accordion
Hangover Hangover
Complete Level 8
Hobogobo Hobogobo
Don't Fish For The Fish, Fish For Yourself
Lamarck Lamarck
Create A New Species
Lemmings Lemmings
Live, Die, Resurrect, Repeat
Lullaby Lullaby
Play A Calm Tune For The Sleeping Orc
Heavy Meal Heavy Meal
Cook A Yummy Meal
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Orc Knox Orc Knox
Complete Level 1
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Papers Please Papers Please
Complete Level 5
Pebblehenge Pebblehenge
Honor Thy Ancestors With A Stonepile
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Reunited Reunited
Complete Level 6
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Rise Of The Goblinking Rise Of The Goblinking
Complete Level 9
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Road Trip Road Trip
Complete Level 3
Russian Roulette Russian Roulette
Try The Resurrection Spell 10 Times
Same Procedure As Every Year James Same Procedure As Every Year James
Take An In Depth Look At A Bear Skin Rug
Six Treasure King Six Treasure King
Steal The Treasure From The Bridge Troll
Triple Kill Triple Kill
Get Killed, Get Killed And Then Get Killed Again
Try Hard Try Hard
Don't Get Killed
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Your Highness Your Highness
Complete Level 2
And Again And Again
Watch Your Step With The Tripwires