Rabi-Ribi Trophy List

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You must be a bunny lover!
Ribbon is now following you!
Return to Rabi Rabi Town.
Returned from that strange place.
Pick up a strange egg...What is this?
Returned from that strange place for the third time.
Finally returned to where you started.
Cleared seven UPRPRC Midboss events!
Miru came back to the town!
Holding 99999en!
Defeated a boss in MAX rank!
Reach 999 combo during a boss battle.
Irisu came back to the town!
Defeat the director of Rabi-Ribi!
Finished Boss Rush Mode.
Finish "Fairy Attacks!"
Finish "Finding Memories"
Upgrade 20 items to Lv.3
Obtained every item!
Started New Game+, also known as loop two.
100% map completion!
Cleared the Halloween Event! And Erina got a new costume to wear? How about try to view her new outfit?
"Sequence Breaking" to the extreme. What's going to happen? Not even the developer knows!
Get 10,000 points of score in sandbag mini game.
"She found a lot of people, but never came home..."
Collected all 70 easter eggs!
Finished True Boss Rush Mode.
Defeated all bosses in MAX rank!
Defeat the post game boss with 0% items! (Except amulet, consumable and Rainbow eggs).
Finished the main game in a super fast time!
Finished the whole game without touching a spike.