Puppeteer Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Obtain your first head.
Investigate the environment for the first time.
Make your first cut with Calibrus.
Rescue your first soul.
Play with a friend for the first time.
Defeat General Tiger.
Defeat General Rat.
Defeat General Snake.
Defeat Generals Pig and Sheep.
Defeat General Horse.
Defeat General Bull.
Defeat General Dog.
Defeat General Robo-Dog.
Defeat General Rabbit.
Defeat General Rooster.
Defeat General Monkey.
Defeat the Moon Bear King.
Collect all the Hundredsparkles using Kutaro.
Complete all Bonus Stages within the time limit.
Make 10,000 cuts with Calibrus.
Defeat 1,000 grubs.
Use cuts 100 times to juggle grubs and keep them in the air.
Perform 300 successful Guards.
Defeat 3 grubs with a single Bomb.
Defeat 30 grubs using Body Slams.
Defeat 100 grubs after reeling them in with the Hookclaw.
Perform 20 consecutive Boost Cuts without touching the ground.
Cut all the souls from all the Weavers without letting a single one recover.
PLAYER 2: Defeat 50 grubs.
Collect 10,000 Moonsparkles.
PLAYER 2: Collect 3,000 Moonsparkles.
Pick up your fallen head 100 times.
Find 50 different types of heads.
Find every type of head.
Rescue a ton of captive souls.
Rescue all of the captive souls.
Read all the picture books.
Open the nested Moon Bear King doll all the way.
Set 22 puppet children free in a single playthrough.
Turn all the caterpillars into butterflies, then cut them down.
Defeat the Kappagaeru without touching the ground.
Anger the mother of all squirrels.
Shoot down all the seagulls using the deck cannons.
Don't take any damage while riding the squid.
Keep all the baby crabs safe.
Foul the Witch in the wrestling ring.
Save all the Wild Waste locals.
Win the train race without taking any damage.
Peek in on all the wrestlers' home lives.
Find the secret route while on a diet.
Listen to Dracula's entire rant.
Wear yourself out listening to Mr. Pink.
Shoot down all the pigeon squadrons.
Make it across General Dragon's back without taking any damage.
Reunite all the iceberg dwellers for a toast.
Make it through outer space without taking any damage.
Witness the end of each of the three puppet fugitives.
Watch the Moon Witch transform Pikarina and Ying Yang in every possible way.
Use every Head Action correctly.
Arm yourself with three of the same head.
PLAYER 2: Throw away Player 1's head 10 times.