PulzAR Trophy List

Omega Omega
Complete all of the levels.
Galaxy Galaxy
Collect all 75 of the stars in the game.
Alpha Alpha
Complete all of the Alpha levels.
Beta Beta
Complete all of the Beta levels.
Gamma Gamma
Complete all of the Gamma levels.
Delta Delta
Complete all of the Delta levels.
Epsilon Epsilon
Complete all of the Epsilon levels.
Constellation Constellation
Collect 25 stars.
Star Cluster Star Cluster
Collect 50 stars.
High Scorer High Scorer
Post a score to the leaderboards.
That's No Moon! That's No Moon!
Look up at the asteroid in the sky while playing a level.
Let's Blow This Thing! Let's Blow This Thing!
Watch the entire flight of the missile and the impact on the asteroid.
Hard Rain Hard Rain
Complete a level before the meteors start raining down.
Resource Efficiency Resource Efficiency
Complete a level without using all AR Play Card objects.
Reflections Reflections
Have 3 laser beams bouncing off one reflector.