Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Viewed one short episode.
Spoke to the townspeople for the first time.
Cleared Chapter 1.
Cleared Chapter 2.
Cleared Chapter 3.
Cleared Chapter 4.
Cleared Chapter 5.
Cleared Chapter 6.
Cleared Chapter 7.
Cleared Chapter 8.
Cleared Chapter 9.
Unlocked the heroine's ending.
Unlocked Lavan's ending.
Unlocked Levi's ending.
Unlocked the Wolf Brothers' ending.
Unlocked Lugus's ending.
Unlocked the bad ending.
Unlocked Happy Ending I.
Unlocked Happy Ending II.
Unlocked the Tower Overlord's ending.
Unlocked Hugh's ending.
Unlocked the Traveler's ending.
Unlocked the Witch's ending.
Cleared half of all Short Episodes.
Cleared all Short Episodes.
Cleared half of all endings.
Cleared all endings.
Gallery completion at 50%.
Gallery completion at 100%.
Flowchart completion at 50%.
Flowchart completion at 100%.
Obtained all Notes.
Obtained all Antique Shop items.
Gathered half of all Town Memories.
Gathered all Town Memories.