Psych Yourself Trophy List

Psyched Outta Your Mind Psyched Outta Your Mind
Complete all Self-Tests and Training on the same day
Tone Deaf Tone Deaf
Score zero points on Intonation
Perceiving is Believing Perceiving is Believing
Complete the Feasibility test within 30 seconds while getting all answers correct.
Psyching Socially Psyching Socially
Request at least 5 assessments in Social
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Reach 10 Labyrinths on Mirrored Movement in single player Training Mode
Mental Hacking Mental Hacking
Improve any test’s result 5 times in a row throughout the day (in single player Training Mode)
Full Body Scan Full Body Scan
Get 100% on Mimicron and Body Language
Time and Space Time and Space
Score points in the Time test in Training mode
Psyched Yourself Up Psyched Yourself Up
Complete a Self-Test