Prominence Poker Trophy List

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Join an affiliation
Gain Rank 2 in any affiliation
Gain Rank 3 in any affiliation
Win a 6-player online multiplayer tournament
Win a Head-to-Head tournament
Win 50 Head-to-Head tournaments
Bust 100 players in ring games
Knock out all 5 players in any 6 player tournament
Reach 1 million bankroll
Reach 1 billion bankroll
Win 5 hands in a row in a multiplayer game
Collect your Daily Cut 5 times in a row without missing a consecutive bonus
Bust 2 or more players in the same hand
Complete a challenge
Change affiliations
Go All-In without looking at your hole cards and win
Win a hand with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards
Quadruple your buy-in during a single multiplayer ring game
Complete the tutorial
Change your Gender

Spades and Ranked DLC

Own 10 Outfits
Play a ranked game
Earn Rank 4 in any Affiliation