Primal Trophy List

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Possess a statue with Scree.
Use an energy gem to replenish Jen's demon energy.
Kill 50 enemies with a finishing move.
Receive the Ferai aspect in the Solum realm.
Receive the Undine aspect in the Aquis realm.
Receive the Wraith aspect in the Aetha realm.
Receive the Djinn aspect in the Volca realm.
Light the urn in the Malkai cave.
Defeat Belahzur in The Coliseum.
Escape Devena's Tomb.
Defeat Adaro in the Purification Tower.
Defeat Raum and Empusa in the Ballroom.
Defeat Goliath in the Goliath Sanctum.
Defeat Lewis in the final battle.
Complete the Tarot Gallery.