Preta: Vendetta Rising Trophy List

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Earned every trophies.
Marcus reached rank 2.
Marcus reached rank 3.
Alicia reached rank 2.
Alicia reached rank 3.
Reina reached rank 2.
Reina reached rank 3.
Gained 5 skills.
Dismantled a rune.
Gained a 5 lv rune.
Created legendary item.
Crafted an item with a kit.
Completed a quest with a companion.
Gained 50 stars from quests.
Gained 100 stars from quests.
Gained 200 stars from quests.
Purchased with raid points at the store .
Purchased with dark diamonds at the store.
Purchased with rune powders at the store .
Purchased a costume at the store.
Defeated Gorgon.
Defeated Kavano.
Defeated Crydon.