Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants Trophy List

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All Trophies received
Purchased first vessel
First vessel sold
Perform an emergency repair
Pray 10 times
10 tasks fulfilled
Visit all 60 taverns
Find a treasure with the help of a treasure map
Discover 10 pirate nests in a single game
Save 4 million gold pieces in a single game
Attain the highest reputation in one nation
Attain the highest popularity in a town
Tutorial completed successfully
Take over a town by peaceful methods
A town annexation by martial methods
Win a battle against at least 60 guns with a pinnace
Win a battle without taking any damage
Possess all ship types in one game
Rescue 100 sailors from sharks
Build 250 buildings
Patrols fought 500 battles
1,000 vessels sunk
Loot 25,000 barrels
Possess 250,000 barrels of goods in a single game
Highest fame as 'Trader'
Highest fame as 'Privateer'
Highest fame as 'Pirate'
First time at sea
First naval battle
First successful boarding of a vessel
Name a convoy
A trading route has been active for 365 days
Ambush a trader
Destroy a pirate convoy
Destroy 10 pirate hideouts
Trade a total of 100,000 barrels manually
Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean
Possess 5,000 cannons in a single game
Occupy 15,000 employees in a single game
Reach the highest rank
Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats
Defend a town from 5 attacks
Reduce a nation's number of towns down to two
Maximize all abilities of a captain
Take control over 5 towns in a single game
Take control over 15 towns in a single game
Take control over 30 towns in a single game
Build each new type of building in one game (Harbour Master)
Plant 100 trees and plants in one game (Harbour Master)
Build 10 brothels in one game (Harbour Master)
Get 10 linier built in the shipyard (Harbour Master)
Reach maximum respect as pirate (Dawn of Pirates)
Become the most infamous of all pirates (Dawn of Pirates)
Plunder 100,000 Gold (Dawn of Pirates)
Privateer 10 ships (Dawn of Pirates)
Plunder 30,000 barrels in Piracy mode (Dawn of Pirates)
"The Rise of Christi" completed (New Adventures)
"The bet with Pablo" completed (New Adventures)
"Pirate Hunt" completed (New Adventures)
"The Big Party" completed (New Adventures)
"Consequences" completed (New Adventures)