Planar Conquest Trophy List

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Obtain all the Trophies
Kill an enemy hero on the world map
Raze a city
Recruit a hero
Banish an enemy Sorcerer Lord
Win as Eyegor
Make an alliance with another Sorcerer Lord
Have a unit deal fire, cold, electrical and acid damage with one attack
Kill a Drake with a Settler unit
Capture a city
Win as custom Sorcerer Lord
Win by casting Spell of Domination
Recruit a unit
Explore a world feature
Achieve tier 9 in all elemental circles
Win the game by defeating all Sorcerer Lords
Found a new city
Win as R'jak
Win as Grey Elves
Research all available spells
Cast a spell
Win as High Men
Win as Unhallowed
Bless a Water Elemental
Return from banishment
Win as Rastiss
Create a Custom Sorcerer Lord
Win as Ariel
Spend 50000 mana on spells
Win as Dark Elves
Make a trade with another Sorcerer Lord
Construct all buildings in a city
Have six heroes with all of their equipment slots filled
Have a city of three living races
Win as Alhasret
Win as Neve
Enchant a unit with five unit enchantments
Travel to another plane
Have at least 100k population in your empire
Win as Istimaeth
Research a spell
Summon a champion
Win the game without casting any spells
Defeat a Sorcerer Lord
Spend 50000 mana on crafting
Win as Markas
Reach 100 spellcraft
Have a hero reach maximum level
Win a game having spent no points in Sorcerer Lord creation
Forge an artifact
Win a battle
Reach 100 fame
Have a unit reach maximum level
Take control over every city on Air plane
Conquer Hell Gateway feature
Visit earth plane by going through Earth Portal
Build a city on water plane
Conquer a city with army commanded by Vendral
Win as Draconians
Win as Drakhis
Win as Orcs
Win as Magog
Win an encounter with army commanded by Bonebasher
Defend your city with army commanded by Kjorgi