Pirates: Treasure Hunters Trophy List

Shipboy Shipboy
Complete the Basic Tutorial.
Fatty Fatty
End a match with a KDA of 3 or superior (Standard/League).
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Kill at least once each enemy team member (Standard/League).
Crown Jewel Crown Jewel
Get a level 4 amulet by crafting.
Reckless Driver Reckless Driver
Kill 10 enemies by running them over with a car (Standard/League).
Disrespect Disrespect
Makes a total of 50 taunts while being watched (Standard/League).
In Extremis In Extremis
Use a far grappling hook when your life is 5% or less and survive for 45 seconds (Standard/League).
Jack of all, master of none Jack of all, master of none
Apply one upgrade in each category in the same match (Standard/League).
16 Spider Legs 16 Spider Legs
Kill two spiders simultaneously (Standard/League).
Titanic Titanic
Destroy the Galleon (Standard/League).
Chamaleonic Chamaleonic
End a match with each hunter’s role (Standard/League)
Be the player with the biggest KDA of the winner team (Standard/League).
You are a Pirate! You are a Pirate!
Win 200 games (Standard/League).
David vs Goliath David vs Goliath
Win a match where your team had at least double of kills than the enemy team (Standard/League).