Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies
Completed Chapter 1
Rescued Tamami Uesugi
Rescued Tomoe Sayama
Rescued Sumomo Ujima
Rescued Nozomi Nakahara
Completed Chapter 4
Rescued Kyoka Ochimizu
Got through to Mikuratana-no-Kami
Watched all events, including pre-story
Margaret joins the dance
Unlocked highest difficulty (ALL NIGHT)
Bought a costume for the first time
Bought half of all costumes
Bought all costumes
Obtained all accessories
Bought all items in Shopping
Used a total of P$500,000 in Shopping
Watched replay data from Score
Completed the Database
A performance ended prematurely
Cleared 1 track in Free Dance
Cleared all tracks in Free Dance
Performed a full combo on a track
Obtained top rank (King Crazy) on a track
Cleared a track with no MISSes
50%+ Perfect clear on HARD track or higher
Beat your own high score
Changed costume and began dancing
Equipped accessory and began dancing
Cleared a track with each character in changed costumes
Danced using 2 or more items to raise difficulty
Triggered a Bond Fever at least once
Triggered 30 types of Bond Fevers
Triggered all dances/Bond Fevers with Nanako
Paired Rise and Kanami in Free Dance
Seen all Bond Fevers between Yu and Rise
Seen all Bond Fevers between Yukiko and Chie
Seen all Bond Fevers between Yosuke and Teddie
Seen all Bond Fevers between Naoto and Kanji