PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour Trophy List

The magnetism of the tungsten The magnetism of the tungsten
Win all other trophies
Smackeroo! Smackeroo!
Score 180 in three darts
Lipstick Lipstick
Score a treble 20
Good darts! Good darts!
Score over 100 in three darts
First match win First match win
Win a match
Victory Victory
Win your first tournament
Halfway There Halfway There
Win three tournaments
The champion! The champion!
Win all tournaments
Unrivaled Unrivaled
Beat every professional
Taking on the world Taking on the world
Enter an online match
Digital tungsten magic Digital tungsten magic
Win an online match
Halfway to the leaderboard Halfway to the leaderboard
Throw 50 darts online
Ranking player Ranking player
Throw 100 darts online
Keeping time Keeping time
Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in one turn of Around The Clock
Doubling up Doubling up
Finish a game of Black & White with a score of 20 or more
Demon bowler US Demon bowler US
Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in US rules Cricket
Demon bowler UK Demon bowler UK
Score 3 points with three darts as the bowler in UK rules Cricket
Five's alive Five's alive
Score 36 after three darts in a game of Fives
Assassin! Assassin!
Knock an opponent out of a Killer party game in six darts or less
Survivor Survivor
Beat an opponent's score of 140 or more in Knockout
What are the odds? What are the odds?
Score 177 in Odd Man In
Whole Whole
Complete a game of Half-It without being halved
Shanghai! Shanghai!
Hit the single, double and treble of the round's number in Shanghai
The whole 9 points The whole 9 points
Score 9 points in three darts in a game of Twenty-One
Missing in action Missing in action
Miss a targeted finishing double, three darts in a row
Bottom rung Bottom rung
Enter a custom character into a tournament
Last chance saloon Last chance saloon
Check out with a double-1
Maxed out checkout Maxed out checkout
Check out with a score of 170
Unassisted Unassisted
Beat a pro with the assist off
Magnetised to the lipstick Magnetised to the lipstick
Score 180 with assist off
Practice makes perfect Practice makes perfect
Score 180 on the practice board in three darts
Taylor Made Taylor Made
Rank number one in the Order Of Merit with a custom character
The nine dart finish The nine dart finish
Score exactly 501 in nine darts