PaRappa the Rapper 2 Trophy List

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Master the Toasty Buns beard breakout mix to learn the Beard Burger Masters burger building technique.
Out Chop Chop Chop Master Onion to learn all the lessons of Romantic Love.
Master the Guru Ant’s funky mellow moves and lean to grow big.
Master Sister Moosesha’s Moves and learn to be a real man.
Master the Art of Hairdressing stop the Hairdresser Octopus.
Beat the Food Court Game and learn to eat more than just Noodles.
Use the Anti Noodle Ray to defeat Colonel Noodle.
Master MC the final Party and have a great time.
Hit 40 tiles in a row without missing, in a bonus round.
Give Versus Play a try.
Earn a crown on any stage.
Beat the game while wearing the Blue Hat.
Beat the game while wearing the Pink Hat.
Open the Record Shop.
Unlock all records in the Record Shop.