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Get 8 of the Gold Time Scores. Just run like hell and get the drama over with.
Get 8 of the Gold Word Scores. Have you studied?
Get 8 of the A+ Ranks. You still got a tough road ahead of you!
Get all of the Gold Time Scores. Real athletes run; others just play video games.
Get all of the Gold Word Scores. Hmph, Smarty-pants.
Get all of the A+ Ranks. Looks nice on your resume but won’t land you a job.
Get all of the Music Records. More songs to add on my playlist!
Get all of the Dream Feathers. Now I have enough to make a fluffy pillow!
Get the Book of Dreams. Why not dream a reality?
Defeat The Big Bad. All the better to grab my controller to beat you with.
Defeat The Final Bad. It is finally over! Or is it?
Complete all of the Trophies. The hardcore understand.