Orc Slayer Trophy List

Platinum Slayer. Platinum Slayer.
If you were an Orc, you'd be dead.
Knee Deep in the dead. Knee Deep in the dead.
Slay 50 Orcs In One Level.
Orcs should die. Orcs should die.
Slay 100 Orcs In One Level.
The Orc Slayer! The Orc Slayer!
Slay 200 Orcs In One Level.
Not cool. Not cool.
Slay an Orc with a shot to the Crotch.
Boom headshot. Boom headshot.
Slay an Orc With a shot to the Head.
Tank's very much. Tank's very much.
Slay a Tank.
Pork Slayer. Pork Slayer.
Slay 3 or more Orcs with a pigboom.
Nice try...tough guy. Nice try...tough guy.
Slay the general.
The dead should stay dead. The dead should stay dead.
Slay the Necromancer.
Let the revenge begin. Let the revenge begin.
Completed Level 1
Mulchered. Mulchered.
Completed Level 2.
Quality Real Estate. Quality Real Estate.
Completed Level 3.
Cluster Fudge. Cluster Fudge.
Completed Level 4.
Run to the Hills. Run to the Hills.
Completed Level 5.
When Pig's Fly. When Pig's Fly.
Completed Level 6 .
Misty Mountains. Misty Mountains.
Completed Level 7.
The Source of all Bacon. The Source of all Bacon.
Completed Level Bacon.
Into the castle. Into the castle.
Completed Level 9.
Return to the light. Return to the light.
Completed Level 10.
A Swampy affair. A Swampy affair.
Completed Level 11.
Too Many Legs. Too Many Legs.
Completed Level 12.
Legendary Slayer. Legendary Slayer.
Completed Level 13.
Dem Bones. Dem Bones.
Slay 30 Orc Skeletons.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Relics in the woods. Relics in the woods.
Find the hidden area within the woods.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
A place in the mountains. A place in the mountains.
Find the hidden area.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Slay Big Bertha. Slay Big Bertha.
Slay Big Bertha, the colossal hen.