OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes Trophy List

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Earn them all
Use your Techno's to buy a pack of POW Cards!
WOW! My very own POW Card!
Hit one Boxmore bot with two different Powie Zowies!
Smash your way to a 20 hit combo!
Get a super-long combo that is 30 hits or more!
Collect a Coolness stat point!
Collect 50 microchips from stunned Boxmore baddies!
Max out your Strength, Agility and Coolness stats!
Save up 50 Technos!
Unleash a Powie Zowie on a Boxmore bot!
Slam an enemy you just uppercutted with a charge punch!
Air-throw an enemy bot into another enemy bot!
Use your fists to send a Jethro missile back at an enemy!
Knock a kiss attack back at a Raymond!
Hit 3 enemy bots with one single uppercut!
Finish a battle without taking a single hit!
Enter a correct secret code into the POW Card Machine!
Use the same Powie Zowie 12 times in one battle
Use Mr. Gar and Carol's Powie Zowies in the same combo!
Buy a Stat Booster and buff your stats!
Collect all of the POW Cards in the game!
Battle waves of bots in FIGHT! Mode
Complete KO's epic quest and defeat Lord Boxman!
Chat with all the peeps in the plaza!