Trophy List

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Mudokon God, Mudokon Saviour
Find sanctuary in the Holy Caves
Acquire the first hand scar
Acquire the power of Shrykull
Break back into RuptureFarms
Shut down the RuptureFarms generator
Become a Mudokon saviour
Become a Mudokon salami
Rescue a quarter of all the Mudokons
Rescue half of all the Mudokons
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Easy mode
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Normal mode
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Hard mode
Find and use all the secret entrances to RuptureFarms
Kill 99 Mudokon slaves
Escape 5 or more pursuing Paramites
Run from a Scrab for 25 meters and survive
Escape a Scrab by the skin of your loins
As a possessed Slig, fire over the head of a cowering Mudokon
Escape Stockyards and Free Fire Zone without triggering the alarm or dying
Deactivate 3 toggle mines in a row with no mistakes
Kill a Slig with any kind of mine
Destroy a Chant Suppressor with a cooked grenade
Bounce a rock off a wall and on to a mine
Drop 2 Sligs down a single trapdoor at the same time
Find an advert for some New 'n' Tasty entertainment
Rescue 9 Mudokons at the same time
Ride Elum for 200 meters without stopping
Kill 9 Sligs with a single possessed Slig
Kill 30 Slogs in 30 seconds
Turn off the gas with more than 30 seconds to spare
Fail to observe your surroundings
Kill a bat with a rock
Escape from RuptureFarms without Abe being spotted by any Slig
Have Abe die in 15 different ways
Kill Sligs in 15 different ways
Rescue every Mudokon with an overall Best Time of 3:00:00 or less