Nurse Love Addiction Trophy List

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Unlocked all trophies
Saw Nao's Good Ending
Saw Itsuki's Good Ending
Saw Sakuya's Good Ending
Saw Kaede's Good Ending
Saw Nao's Bad Ending
Saw Itsuki's Bad Ending
Saw Sakuya's Bad Ending
Saw Kaede's Bad Ending
Saw the After School Ending
Selected 'Forgive' her
Selected 'Resist'
Chose Sakuya over Kyoko
Cleared Prologue
Cleared Chapter 1
Cleared Chapter 2
Cleared Chapter 3
Met a mysterious salesgirl
Praised Nao's bathing suit
Praised Itsuki's bathing suit
Praised Sakuya's bathing suit
Praised your own bathing suit
Asuka sang 'You Hill'
Itsuki sang the theme song