Neon Chrome Trophy List

Pacifist Pacifist
Finish a normal level without using abilities, weapons or melee.
Runner Runner
Finish a normal level in under 20 seconds.
Sneaky Sneaky
Finish a normal level without being seen.
Grit Grit
Play 20 levels without dying.
Spiderbot Spiderbot
Defeat the spiderbot.
Centipede Centipede
Defeat the centipede.
Hovertank Hovertank
Defeat the hovertank.
Hard Work Hard Work
Kill 1000 enemies.
Explosive Explosive
Kill 8 enemies with a single explosion.
You've just been erased You've just been erased
Kill 3 enemies with a single railgun bullet.
Overseer Overseer
Stop the Overseer 1.0.
You're special You're special
Complete all special levels.
Stat Master Stat Master
Upgrade a stat to level 100.
Unlocker Unlocker
Unlock all unlockables.