Nefarious Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Destroy the swat van with one of it's own bazooka blasts.
Beat Dash in Insektia without taking any damage.
Defeat Mechano using only his own missiles.
Get the first crown in Sukochi.
See all the dialogue scenes in Heartless Abyss.
Read all of the portrait descriptions of Crow's Lineage in his wing at the Villain Museum.
Unlock Farrah's Folly.
Give princess Mayapple a good advice.
Find and rescue Farrah’s brothers.
Get chosen by Becky in the dating show.
Complete Rattletrack Rails without dying.
Feel like a plumber.
Get the bad ending.
Get the good ending.
Unlock all the music for the Jukebox.
Find all the crowns in the game.
Unlock all upgrades, view all endings, find all the vinyls, and collect all the crowns in the game.
Defeat 20 enemies with punches.
Defeat 50 enemies with punches.
Defeat 100 enemies with punches.
Defeat 20 enemies with grenades.
Defeat 50 enemies with grenades.
Defeat 100 enemies with grenades.
Defeat the Treble Rangers at the Villain Museum.
Participate in the dating game.
Contemplate the true form of princess Farrah.
Put Dr. Cackle under arrest.
Had a long conversation with your upgrade station S.T.A.B.I.L.E
Found the hidden monster at the villain museum.
Read all 16 terminals in Adept Co. and discover who funded the sinister organization.
Achieve S-Ranks on all stages.
Activate the Doom Howitzer.
Do not activate the Doom Howitzer.
Honored the terms of your dark pact with Kaptain Man.
Buy every upgrade in the upgrade shop.
Beat the game without buying a single upgrade.
Defeat Guryon in Winterdown without getting hit once.
Defeat Mack at Adept Co. without getting hit once.
Counting any amount spent, gather a grand total of 10,000 lucre.
Beat the game having collected less than 1,000 lucre.
Beat any stage by only punching, without firing a single long ranged weapon.
Beat Dash, Guryon and the 8-bit heroes without dying or taking damage at the Bramble Flats.
As a result of being defeated, dropped a princess.
Listened to the heroes entire motivational speech at Bramble flats.