NBA 2K15 Trophy List

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Earn every trophy in NBA 2K15.
Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.
Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
Get 10 offensive rebounds in a non-simulated game.
Make a game winning shot with no time left on the clock.
Make a three-pointer off of a fast-break in a non-simulated game.
Make a shot from beyond the half-court line in any game.
Score 54 points with Kevin Durant in a game.
Score 22 points in one quarter with Stephen Curry.
Make 7 perfect release jump shots in a single game.
Change your Defensive Settings in the Coach's Clipboard.
Use a Signature Sizeup to score against your match-up.
Make a shot while seated, after diving for a loose ball.
Successfully complete a contact dunk with your MyPLAYER.
Raise your Coach Satisfaction to 80% in MyCAREER.
Get 5,000,000 fans in MyCAREER.
Request a trade in MyCAREER.
Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.
Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.
Completely upgrade an Attribute Discipline in MyCAREER.
Earn an additional Attribute Upgrade in MyCAREER.
Get a theme song in MyCAREER.
Earn a Badge in MyCAREER.
Record a triple-double in MyCAREER.
Get dropped from a team after your 10-day contract expires.
Sign a max deal in free agency in MyCAREER.
Get a win streak of 3 or more in MyPARK.
Get at least 7 PTS, 7 AST, and 7 REB in a MyPARK game.
Bust a 3 or more game win streak of an opposing team in a MyPARK game.
Achieve the All-Star Rep in MyPARK.
Upgrade your MyGM to level 35.
Upgrade your MyGM to level 100.
Purchase an NBA franchise in MyGM.
Make a profit of $35M in a single season in MyGM.
Make a profit in the same season you win an NBA Championship in MyGM.
Draft a once-in-a-generation prospect (rated 88+) in MyGM.
Win the Executive of the Year award in MyGM.
Uncover an injury concern when scouting prospects for the NBA Draft in MyGM.
Keep the #1 spot on the GM Power Rankings for 4 consecutive weeks in MyGM.
Purchase a Card Pack in MyTEAM.
Win a game in Domination in MyTEAM.
Earn 99 Stars in Domination in MyTEAM.
Make it to the first seed in Road to the Playoffs in MyTEAM.
Acquire a Diamond player in MyTEAM.
Complete the '14-'15 NBA Collection in MyTEAM.
Complete the Historic Collection in MyTEAM.
Purchase a card from the Auction House in MyTEAM.
Sell an item in the Auction House in MyTEAM.
Complete the MyTeam tutorial.
Win the SpriteĀ® Slam Dunk Contest.
Watch a 2KU training video.