Natural Doctrine Trophy List

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Earned every other trophy.
Switched equipment during battle.
Vasily has left the party...
Zekelinde left the party, and joined up once again...
Signed a contract with Anka.
Nebula joined the party.
Tatyana joined the party.
Erna joined the party.
Ingbert joined the party.
Mel and her iron giant joined the party.
Gomori joined the party.
Met Aslan, the Lion of Legend.
Met Gomorrah, the Undying King.
Borrowed a rare treasure from the kingdom of the lizardfolk.
Encounter the ancient dragon Onatu, secluded deep within the Sacred Mountain.
Entered the fortress of Feste.
Stepped foot in the lair of the gorians.
Defeated the minotaur.
Defeated Tatyana's parents.
Defeated a gorian sentry.
Defeated a gorian dreadnought.
Defeated a gorian ultron.
Defeated the gorian queen.
Collected a total of 10g of Pluton.
Defeated 100 goblins.
Defeated an enemy who had the next Initiative, leading to consecutive Initiatives.
Defeated an enemy with return fire.
Used 'Pluton Arrow' for the first time.
Linked with all 9 allies.
Defeated the Undying King that reigned over the abandoned city of Sodom.
Cleared the game without losing a single ally.
Won a competitive multiplayer match.
Won a cooperative multiplayer match.
Switched out a card in a registered multiplayer deck.
Increased your multiplayer rank for the first time.
Defeated a higher ranked player than you.
Obtained 5 cards.
Obtained a card with a maximum size of 4.
Obtained a truly superlative card.
Created a deck of rating A or higher.
Reached A rank.
Earned 50 cards.
Won 100 times.
Earned 300 cards.
Found Vasily's ring.
Saved Vasily.