Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies!
Return to the Ark!
Meet Selma and convice her to join your crew.
Rescue Magnus from the Nova cultists.
Meet Farrow and convince her to join your crew.
Collect 50% of Pripp's artifact wishlist.
Collect 100% of Pripp's Artifact Wishlist.
Unlock all Mutations in each character's skill tree.
Kill Grey-One.
Dish out some 'Zone-style' punishment to Lux.
Put an end to Plutonia's plans.
Free the slaves from Lux's basement.
Steal something from Roboshack.
Rescue Hammon from the Nova cult.
Reach Eden.
Reprogram the Ghouls' MIMIR Z600.
Improve all upgradable weapons to level III.
Kill 40 Ghouls.
Decommission 40 'Mechanical' men.
Put 20 Zone Dogs 'to sleep'.
Kill an enemy by making the Pyro drop his Molotov.
Finish a combat encounter by using mutations only.
Destroy a MIMIR Z600.
Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode (Any difficulty).
Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on VERY HARD.
Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on VERY HARD without losing a crew member.
Destroy a MIMIR Z800.
Knock down 10 enemies using 'Hog Rush'
Kill 10 enemies using 'Chain Lightning'
Trap 10 enemies using 'Tree Hugger'
Possess 10 enemies with 'Puppeteer'.
Use 'Corpse Eater' to interrupt a ressurecting enemy.
Use 'Corpse Eater' to eat a teammate.
Taunt a teammate who is under mind control.
Kill your teammate.
Kill an enemy by knocking them off a high place.