Mugsters Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Save 5 humans (SP)
Save 15 humans (SP)
Save 30 humans (SP)
Save all humans (SP)
Complete all sub goals on one island (SP)
Complete all sub goals on all islands (SP)
Finish island 25 (SP)
Complete 5 co-op multiplayer islands
Complete all co-op multiplayer islands
Finish island 12 in 90 seconds or less in Single Player
Set a time for each of the islands in Single Player
Ride a moped (SP)
Blow Up 256 Barrels (SP)
Become trapped by a Giant UFO (SP)
Collect 5 crystals (SP)
Collect 35 crystals (SP)
Collect 80 crystals (SP)
Collect all crystals (SP)
Set a time for the Home Island (SP)
Activate all Roller Coasters in the Home Island (SP)