MotorStorm: Apocalypse Trophy List

The Big One The Big One
Obtain every other trophy in the game.
Motion Master Motion Master
Complete a race steering with the motion sensor function.
Air Assault Air Assault
Punch a fellow rider off their bike or ATV while you're both in mid-air.
Hot Air Hot Air
Use in-air cooling to entirely cool your full Boost gauge from Critical in a single jump.
I Made it Myself I Made it Myself
Modify your vehicle using all the available options.
Energy Efficient Energy Efficient
Win a race without ever entering Critical Boost.
Target Locked Target Locked
Ram and wreck the same opponent twice during a race.
Kudos Kudos
Earn 250 Chips from a single drift in Multiplayer.
Variety is the Spice of Life Variety is the Spice of Life
Complete a race in all of the standard game modes.
Pure as Mud Pure as Mud
Successfully perform 3 stunts in a single race.
Wheelin' an' Dealin' Wheelin' an' Dealin'
Pull a continuous wheelie for 5 seconds.
Unlucky for Some Unlucky for Some
Win a race with each of the 13 vehicle classes.
Win a race using only the vehicle-mounted camera.
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
Swap out at least one vehicle part on each of the 13 vehicle classes.
Over There! Over There!
'Look At' 5 unique race incidents over 5 different races.
Rampage! Rampage!
Use the Ram to wreck 10 opponents.
Found One! Found One!
Collect 1 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards.
Found 'em All! Found 'em All!
Collect 150 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards
"You wanna play?"
Make it to the party as Mash.
"We're gonna race - in that?"
Complete 'Off the Rails' as Mash.
"Want a Magic Nut Bar?"
Complete 'Baked' as Mash.
"Eat my dust, tough guy!"
Complete 'Aces High' as Mash.
"Okay, let's do this."
Complete 'Credit Crunch' as Mash.
"And Mash wins!"
Survive the Festival as Mash.
"You wanna stay, shut your mouth."
Make it to the party as Tyler.
"I'm just waiting for a sucker to beat."
Complete 'Road Warriors' as Tyler.
"I guess you love trouble..."
Complete 'Wargames' as Tyler.
"I'm all in."
Complete 'Suburban Shakedown' as Tyler.
"It's about life and death."
Complete 'End of the Line' as Tyler.
"Only one of us is making it out of this city alive."
Complete 'The End is Nigh' as Tyler.
"We're the best... it's that simple."
Survive the Festival as Tyler.
"Restricted my ass!"
Start the party as Big Dog.
"Time to lose these guys..."
Complete 'High Way' as Big Dog.
"Any questions?"
Complete 'Sea Spray' as Big Dog.
"If you start, you got to finish..."
Complete 'Final Drive' as Big Dog.
"You're greased."
End the Festival as Big Dog.
Now for the Main Event... Now for the Main Event...
Pass 5 Special Events.
Starter for 10 Starter for 10
Pass 10 Special Events.
Nail'd it Nail'd it
Pass 25 Special Events.
Gently Does it Gently Does it
Complete your first online race.
Where's My Money? Where's My Money?
Place and win a bet in Matchmaking.
Double or Quits? Double or Quits?
Win a bet while on a x2 Hot Streak.
High Five! High Five!
Reach Rank 5 in Multiplayer.
Stacked Stacked
Reach Rank 15 in Multiplayer.
Croupier Croupier
Reach Rank 30 in Multiplayer.
Jackpot Jackpot
Reach Rank 40 in Multiplayer.
Where Do You Put Them All? Where Do You Put Them All?
Earn 50 Accolades in Multiplayer.
Decorated Stormer Decorated Stormer
Earn 25 Medals in Multiplayer.