Trophy List

Good Start Good Start
Own your first property (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Investor Investor
Build your first house (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Build your first hotel (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Pole Position Pole Position
Be the first player to start (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw
Get more than 100 thanks to a card (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Business Master Business Master
Complete two color sets in one trade (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Out of Stock Out of Stock
See the bank run out of houses (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Collector Collector
Get one property of each color (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Champion Champion
Win a 6-player game (in local multiplayer) (MONOPOLY PLUS)
Great Income Great Income
Collect a rent payment of more than 700 (MONOPOLY PLUS)
More cards! More cards!
Play three "Pass Go" cards in a single turn (MONOPOLY DEAL)
In a hurry In a hurry
Be the first to have a full set (MONOPOLY DEAL)
My properties!!! My properties!!!
Never pay with properties during the game (MONOPOLY DEAL)
Gimme money Gimme money
Use 5 "Rent" cards during a game (MONOPOLY DEAL)
Final no Final no
Counter a "Just Say No" with a "Just Say No" card (MONOPOLY DEAL)