Minutes Trophy List

Let’s go! Let’s go!
Complete the first stage.
Happy Face Happy Face
Find a Minuteman.
Perfect Steps Perfect Steps
Achieve Perfect on any 5 stages.
Power User Power User
Use a Powerup.
Quarter Up Quarter Up
Complete the first 15 stages.
Half Slice Half Slice
Complete the first 30 stages.
Time Shareholder Time Shareholder
Complete the first 45 stages.
Full Survivor Full Survivor
Complete all 60 stages.
Pristine Condition Pristine Condition
Take no damage on all 60 stages.
Face Control Face Control
Find the Minuteman on all 60 stages.
Abstinence Abstinence
Complete 20 stages without using powerups.
Fully Energised Fully Energised
100% collected on all 60 stages.
All Points Bulletin All Points Bulletin
Beat the top target score on all 60 stages
Horological Hero Horological Hero
Achieve Perfect on all 60 stages.