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For the minder who knows everything.
Complete Phase 1.
Complete Phase 2.
Complete Phase 3.
Complete Phase 4.
Complete Phase 5.
Complete Phase 6.
Complete Phase 7.
Complete Phase 8.
Complete Phase 9.
Complete Phase 10.
Complete Phase 11.
Complete Phase 12.
Complete all story content.
Finish game on EXPERT.
Activate Burst Mode 10 times.
Collect 10 Big Sluggers.
Kill enemy at >50% LP with one blow.
Finish 100 battles without getting hit.
Get a Quick Battle 50 times.
Get 25 bonuses for defeating enemies.
Activate your MIND Guard 10 times.
Get in 100 fights.
Defeat 1000 enemies.
Defeat several different enemies.
Collect some skill cards.
Collect all armor.
Collect all accessories.
Explore every level of every dungeon.
Complete 10 requests.
Complete all requests.
Spend 100,000 yen shopping.
Get 100,000 yen selling.
Open 100 treasure chests.
Get Kei to level 30.
Get Kei to level 99.