Milanoir Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
X2 combo with any weapon
X3 combo with molotov/grenade
X4 combo with revolver
X9 combo with continuous ricochet
Kill 1000 enemies with any weapon
Kill 25 enemies using the single ricochet
Kill 50 enemies with splitting ricochet
Kill 100 enemies with continuous ricochet
Kill Scarred Ciro at Porta Ticinese
Kill Africana on the Pirellone
Kill Torinese in the Duomo
Last humiliation for Ciro
Kill 25 enemies with a stealth attack
Score 10.000 or more in Arena mode
Complete level 1 without dying
Complete level 2 without dying
Complete level 3 without dying
Complete level 4 without dying
Complete level 5 without dying
Complete level 6 without dying
Complete level 7 without dying
Play with a friend
Kill 100 enemies with knife
Destroy 400 windows in Pirellone
Kill six enemies in rapid succession using a revolver
Shoot Tony
Shoot Lanzetta
Complete the game in normal mode
Complete the game in hard mode
Complete the game in hardcore mode
Shot three times at the WC door
Score 50.000 or more in Arena mode
Score 100,000 or more in Arena mode
Kill Shining Giacomo in San Vittore penitentiary