MicroBot Trophy List

Transmission Transmission
Enter the body
Diving Deeper Diving Deeper
Complete the 1st of 5 worlds
Loco Motion Loco Motion
Beat a level using only movement parts
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded
Kill 25 nanite enemies that emerge when you kill larger organisms
Fully Buffed Fully Buffed
Equip a bot with only max level parts
Amoxicillin Amoxicillin
Kill 1000 Bacteria
Fullerene Fullerene
Collect all 20 Bucky Balls
Up and Atom Up and Atom
Amass 50,000 Atoms
Micromania Micromania
Collect ‘em all - parts, that is
Survivor Survivor
Beat 3 rounds in Challenge Mode
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Alive or Dead? Alive or Dead?
Find the source of the hostiles and destroy it
Team Player Team Player
Kill 25 enemies while using the Coop Link Gun