Melbits World Trophy List

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Win all the Melbits™ World trophies.
Unlock al the stickers of your album.
Get 20 "square" Melbits.
Get 20 "triangular" Melbits.
Get 20 "rounded" Melbits.
Complete all Melbits™ World levels.
Jump on top of 25 Melbits.
Play one world with 4 players.
Collect 100 seeds thru all four worlds.
Get 50 different accessories to customize your Melbits.
Get 15 seeds and unlock "Arcade World".
Get 30 seeds and unlock "Chill Bay".
Get 60 seeds and Unlock "Art Wave".
Complete all levels from "Hobby Island".
Complete all levels from "Arcade World".
Complete all levels from "Chill Bay".
Complete all levels from "Art Wave".
Erase 10 viruses.
Play one world with 3 players.
Get 40 new Melbits.
Dance for 3 whole minutes with all the Melbits squad when completing a level.
Use the "fast forward" control non-stop for at least 20 seconds in any level.
Delete 100 Melbits in your games.
Save 5 Melbits using the "Save Melbit" Power-Up.
Pick up 50 presents.
Customize your team of Melbits with the same outfit.
Save 4 Melbits and collect 3 seeds in one level.
Jump on top of 10 viruses.