MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies!
Selected your first command.
Cleared chapter 1.
Cleared chapter 2.
Cleared chapter 3.
Cleared chapter 4.
Cleared chapter 5.
Cleared the final chapter!
Cleared the Metal Crest dungeon!
Cleared the Wood Crest dungeon!
Cleared the Fire Crest dungeon!
Cleared the game on Hard!
Cleared the game on Devil!
Cleared the game on Hell!
Cleared all Guild missions!
Destroyed all 12 Zodiac Beasts!
Completed the monster encyclopedia.
Completed the parts encyclopedia.
Estra reached level 99.
Connie reached level 99.
Flare reached level 99.
Maki reached level 99.
Setia reached level 99.
Estra reached level 999.
Connie reached level 999.
Flare reached level 999.
Maki reached level 999.
Setia reached level 999.
Raised Estra's proficiency in all forms to maximum!
All Guardians reached level 99!
Destroyed 500 enemies!
Destroyed 1000 enemies!
Destroyed 3000 enemies!
Destroyed 5000 enemies!
Destroyed 10000 enemies!
Destroyed 20000 enemies!
Destroyed 30000 enemies!