Mark McMorris Infinite Air Trophy List

Infinite Platinum Infinite Platinum
Earn all other trophies in the game to unlock this platinum trophy.
First Tracks First Tracks
Complete your first run.
Shredonomics 101 Shredonomics 101
Complete any tutorial lesson.
Novice Boarder Novice Boarder
Unlock the second tier in Circuit Mode.
Rookie Boarder Rookie Boarder
Unlock the third tier in Circuit Mode.
Intermediate Boarder Intermediate Boarder
Unlock the fourth tier in Circuit Mode.
Semi-Pro Boarder Semi-Pro Boarder
Unlock the fifth tier in Circuit Mode.
Pro Boarder Pro Boarder
Unlock the final tier in Circuit Mode.
Keep it 100 Keep it 100
Achieve all of the possible points in Circuit Mode.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Hail to the Quinoa Hail to the Quinoa
Beat Mark McMorris at his own game.
Hey Buddy! Hey Buddy!
Live Ride with another player.
Natural Born Shredder Natural Born Shredder
Win your first competition.
Competition Kid Competition Kid
Win 5 competitions.
Freedom 25 Freedom 25
Win 25 competitions.
Send It Send It
Publish your first replay from Free Ride.
Launchpad Launchpad
Create and publish a Big Air run.
Don't Call the Plumber Don't Call the Plumber
Create and publish a Halfpipe run.
And Now For My Next Trick And Now For My Next Trick
Create and publish a Slopestyle run.
Trickster Trickster
Perform 200 aerial tricks.
Rail Game Rail Game
Perform 100 rail tricks.
Spin Doctor Spin Doctor
Land a 1440 Triple Cork.
Danger Zone Danger Zone
Land a 1800 Quadruple cork.
Hands On Hands On
Do 2 different grabs in one trick.
Immaculate Immaculate
Land 3 different tricks perfectly in a row.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Land 7 different tricks perfectly in a row.
Espresso Espresso
Grind for a cumulative total of 1 minute.
Hang 10 Hang 10
Accumulate a total of 10 minutes of hang time.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Get to the Choppa! Get to the Choppa!
Fly the helicopter a total of 50 miles.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Shreddy Krueger Shreddy Krueger
Complete 50 different runs.
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Complete the same run 10 times.
Bucket List Bucket List
Play every run type.
Swag! Swag!
Unlock an item on the Circuit.
Infinite Wear Infinite Wear
Customize your gear.
Full Crew Full Crew
Unlock all playable characters.
Flurry Road Flurry Road
Complete any Slopestyle run.
Carpe Yolo Carpe Yolo
Complete any Big Air run.
Pipeline Pipeline
Complete any Halfpipe run.
In Motion In Motion
Complete any Backcountry run.
One Step at a Time One Step at a Time
Score 90 or better on a Slopestyle competition.
Stomped It Stomped It
Score 90 or better on a Big Air competition.
Pipe Dream Pipe Dream
Score 90 or better on a Halfpipe competition.
Shred the Gnar Shred the Gnar
Score over 9000 on a Backcountry run or in Free Ride.