Mahjong World Contest Trophy List

Champion cup Champion cup
Complete level 1 with 3 stars
V.I.P. chip V.I.P. chip
Earn 100.000 points
Junior's prize Junior's prize
Earn 30 stars
Lotus cup Lotus cup
Complete the blooming lotus hall
Crane cup Crane cup
Complete the golden crane hall
Bamboo cup Bamboo cup
Complete the bamboo grove hall
Phoenix cup Phoenix cup
Complete the red phoenix hall
Sakura cup Sakura cup
Complete the sakura branch hall
Dragon cup Dragon cup
Complete the azure dragon hall
Mahjong tile Mahjong tile
Remove 1000 pairs of tiles
Casino chip Casino chip
Use bonus 50 times
Sprinter cup Sprinter cup
Achieve x5 index
Expert diploma Expert diploma
Complete 30 levels with the highest score