Mahjong Royal Towers Trophy List

Armiger Cup Armiger Cup
Finish the first level with three crowns.
Knight Cup Knight Cup
Score 100000 points
Cup of Honour Cup of Honour
Collect 30 crowns
Squire Cup Squire Cup
Finish the Tournament Field
Baron Cup Baron Cup
Finish the Castle Courtyard
Viscount Cup Viscount Cup
Finish the Royal Garden
Count Cup Count Cup
Finish the Refectory
Duke Cup Duke Cup
Finish the Armory
Warrior Cup Warrior Cup
Use bonus 50 times
Mahjong Tile Mahjong Tile
Remove 1000 pairs of tiles
King Cup King Cup
Finish the Throne Hall
Envoy Cup Envoy Cup
Achieve the x5 multiplier
Champion Cup Champion Cup
Finish 30 levels with the best result