Lunch Truck Tycoon 2 Trophy List

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All Trophies
King of the Island
Concrete Jungle
Poverty Peddler
Rural is Life
Lunchinator Purchased
All Hidden Gems Found
Sand gets Everywhere
Knowledge is Power
Snow in the Boots
Hidden Grave Found
Stairway in the Woods Found
Carhange Found
Abandon Building Found
Old World Map Found
History Quote Found
Obelisk Found
Energy Device Found
Old University Picture Discovered
Old Dome Building Picture Discovered
Ran Over 100 Lunchers
100 Deliveries Completed
50 Special Characters Found
50 Lunchers In-Distress Found
25 Catering Gigs Completed
50 Trailers Delivered
First Sale
Competition Messy Joe Complete
Competition Bird Fingers Complete
Competition Double Meatloaf Complete
Competition Pasta Salad Complete
Competition Yanked Pork Complete
Competition Stews Chick Complete
Competition Devils Potato Salad Complete
Competition Deluxe Cheeseburger Complete
Competition Hearty Chowder Complete
Competition Fat Bro Complete
Competition Fat Bro Complete
Competition Fat D Complete