Lethal League Trophy List

Mass KO Production Mass KO Production
Hit three players in a row
Lethal Rivals Lethal Rivals
Rally the ball back and forth for at least ten times
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Old School Old School
Get hit by your own ball
Chrono Warp Chrono Warp
Reach a ball speed of one thousand
Grand Slam Grand Slam
Reach a ball speed of one million
Clutch Clutch
Bunt the ball at 1000 speed or above
Rookie Player Rookie Player
Reach level 11
Adept Player Adept Player
Reach level 22
Ace Player Ace Player
Reach level 33
King Me King Me
Beat the challenge mode
Doombox Slam Dunk Doombox Slam Dunk
Beat the challenge mode without using any continues
Full House Full House
Beat the challenge mode with every character
1st Division 1st Division
Play a hundred matches