LEGO The Incredibles Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Complete Chapter 1 - ''Undermined''
Throw five enemies into the gears during ''Undermined''
Complete Chapter 2 - ''Hover Train Hijinx''
Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds during ''Hover Train Hijinx''
Complete Chapter 3 - ''Revelations''
Score 'Incredible' in all raccoon encounters during ''Revelations''
Complete Chapter 4 - ''Elastigirl on the Case''
Chase down Screenslaver in ''Elastigirl On The Case'' within 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Complete Chapter 5 - ''House Parr-ty''
Destroy all the moving boxes during ''House Parr-ty''
Complete Chapter 6 - ''Screenslaver Showdown''
Extinguish the fires during ''Screenslaver Showdown'' without the Family Build
Complete Chapter 7 - ''The Golden Years''
Survive Bomb Voyage's maze during ''The Golden Years'' without taking damage
Complete Chapter 8 - ''Vigilant Vigilantes''
Complete ''Vigilant Vigilantes'' in 9 minutes
Complete Chapter 9 - ''Nomanisan Island''
Trigger all traps during ''Nomanisan Island''
Complete Chapter 10 - ''Return to Nomanisan Island''
Complete ''Return to Nomanisan Island'' without being hit by a goo cannon
Complete Chapter 11 - ''Above Parr''
Don't get hit by any plane parts during ''Above Parr''
Complete Chapter 12 - ''The Final Showdown''
Complete ''The Final Showdown'' with Lucius Best (Workout)
Complete ''Omnidroid Rampage''
Achieve True Super in any level
Achieve True Super in all levels
Collect all Minikits in a level
Collect all Minikits in the game
Complete your first Family Build
Complete all Family Builds
Collect a Red Brick
Collect all Red Bricks
Create a custom character
Create a custom character with a cape
Earn 1,000,000,000 Studs
Achieve 100%
Clean up a district
Clean up all districts
Attack Gilbert Huph with Bob Parr
Finish a race with Dash achieving silver
Defeat an enemy with a non-super character
Achieve a 75 hit combo
Use all of Jack-Jack's different powers
Release a district boss from prison
Defeat a district boss with a Senior Citizen
Freeze a police officer with Frozone
Pair Buddy Pine with Syndrome
Complete an underwater race as Dory
Complete an ambient crime in the city
Complete 50 ambient crimes in the city