Lego The Hobbit Trophy List

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Collect Every Trophy
Complete all the main story levels
Complete all the Gold Brick challenges in the game
Collect 100,000,000 studs
Complete all the quests in the World Map
Open all the treasure chests in the World Map
Unlock and craft all the LEGO Kits and LEGO Mini-kits in the game
Unlock and craft all the Red Bricks in the game
Complete all the Mineral Builds on the World Map to unlock all the side paths
Find all the hidden nodes in the World Map via the Moon Altar in Rivendell
Travel to Moria, High Fells, Dol Guldur and the Erebor throne room after they have been visited in the main story
Prod all the non-quest characters on the World Map
Place a LEGO Kit or LEGO Mini-kit on all the LEGO plates in the World Map
Complete all the Gold Brick builds on the World Map
Complete all the micro-levels in the game
Complete "Bag End" level a second time after completing all the other levels
Destroy all the Roar LEGO as Beorn the Bear
Defeat 10 enemies as Gollum while wearing The One Ring
Use all the fishing spots in the game as Bard
Defeat 10 Wargs playing as Beorn the Bear
Unlock and purchase all the characters in the game
Unlock and purchase all the character bios in the game
Unlock and purchase all the location bios in the game
Unlock and purchase all the hints in the shop
Launch 10 enemies from catapults in "Goblin Brawl"
Wipe out 10 enemies with the avalanche in "Galadriels Gambit"
Cause 20 enemies to be run down by mine carts in "Combat Quota"
Defeat 10 enemies with the chandeliers in "Broken Home"
Mine all the Mine Spots in the "Mines of Erebor"
Complete "Troll Battle" as Gandalf
Defeat Azog as Thrór
Defeat 20 enemies using a ground finisher
Deflect 3 arrows back at an archer using dash
Defeat 4 enemies in one go with a super move
Complete "The Mines of Erebor", "The Coming of Smaug" and "The Sickness of Thrór"
Complete "Bag End"
Complete "Battle of Moria" and "Azog the Defiler"
Complete "The Mountain Trolls", "Troll Battle" and "The Dawn"
Complete "The Troll Hoard", "Gundabad Wargs" and "The Hidden Valley"
Complete "Thunder Battle"
Complete "Goblin-town", "Riddles in the Dark" and "The Goblin King"
Complete "To the Trees" and "The Return of Azog"
Complete "The Legend of Beorn" and "Beorn's Homestead"
Complete "Mirkwood", "The Spawn of Dol Guldur" and "Bilbo and the Ring"
Complete "Bilbo's Escape Plan", "The Elven Gate" and "Mirkwood River"
Complete "The Armoury", "Kingsfoil" and "Bolg"
Complete "The High Fells Tomb"
Complete "Dol Guldur", "Commander of Legions" and "The Enemy"
Complete "Durin's Day"
Complete "Smaug's Lair" and "Thorin's Revenge"