Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Finish Sand Central Station
Finish Baxter Building
Finish Oscorp
Finish The Raft
Finish Stark Tower
Finish X-Mansion
Finish Castle Doom
Finish Doctor Doom’s Tanker
Finish New York Power Station
Finish Island M
Finish Asteroid M: Space
Finish Asteroid M: Showdown
Finish Heroes vs. Galactus
Collect all Red Bricks
Collect all characters
100% the game
Have Captain America and Human Torch on the same screen
Finish a level as Banner
Walk past Deadpool as Deadpool
Unlock the Future Foundation characters
Unlock all Wolverine variants
Finish all levels
Defeat the Green Goblin as Gwen Stacy
Beat Loki as Agent Coulson in Asgard
Complete all challenges in one level
Complete all challenges in 20 levels
Complete all Challenges
Beat the Red Skull as Captain America and Captain America (WW2)
Unlock the Creator
Tag in War Machine while playing as Iron Man
Tag in Pepper Potts (Rescue) while playing as Tony Stark
Beat Doctor Octopus as Aunt May
Beat the Green Goblin as Scarlet Spider (Classic)
Beat a Raptor as Scarlet Spider (Classic)
Beat the 3 Loki holograms as Thor in Galactus B
Tag in Thor to battle Loki
Unlock all Iron Man suits
Unlock all Spider-Man suits
Tag in Wolverine to finish the Abomination
Tag in the Punisher twice while playing as Spider-Man
Defeat Doctor Doom with every member of the Fantastic Four
Complete Stark Tower A, B and C with Hawkeye as a tag partner
Team up Beast and Star-Lord
Call in Daredevil with only one heart remaining
Complete Heroes vs. Galactus A with the Thing
Complete Heroes vs. Galactus B with the Human Torch
Complete Heroes vs. Galactus C with the Silver Surfer
Beat Iron Man (Hulkbuster) with the Hulk
Beat Doctor Octopus with Human Torch in your team