Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Trophy List

Platinum Platinum
Complete all other trophies
To catch a Croc To catch a Croc
Complete chapter 1
It wasn't the speech It wasn't the speech
Complete chapter 2
Zero-G-whiz! Zero-G-whiz!
Complete chapter 3
Bouncy futon thingy Bouncy futon thingy
Complete chapter 4
An unlikely alliance An unlikely alliance
Complete chapter 5
Brawn over Brainiac Brawn over Brainiac
Complete chapter 6
Eurover Reacting Eurover Reacting
Complete chapter 7
Arkham, I saw, I conquered Arkham, I saw, I conquered
Complete chapter 8
Heart Breaker Heart Breaker
Complete chapter 9
Saint Walkers Saviour Saint Walkers Saviour
Complete chapter 10
Nok, Nok Nok, Nok
Complete chapter 11
Butcher Beater Butcher Beater
Complete chapter 12
Greedy Guts Greedy Guts
Complete chapter 13
Rock, Paper, Sinestro Rock, Paper, Sinestro
Complete chapter 14
Ice, Ice, Batman Ice, Ice, Batman
Complete chapter 15
Suitably Impressed Suitably Impressed
Unlock all the suits in the game
Batbuilding Batbuilding
Complete all the Gold Brick Builds in the game
Microver Microver
Collect all the microchips
Card work Card work
Find all the Joker cards
Gold 100 Gold 100
Complete 100 Gold Brick challenges
Larfleeced Special Larfleeced Special
Collect 100,000,000 studs
You Gotham all You Gotham all
Achieve 100% completion
No Joke No Joke
Destroy all Joker LEGO objects
Lex do this! Lex do this!
Destroy all Luthor LEGO objects
Batvandel Batvandel
Destroy all Batman LEGO objects
Power Rings Power Rings
Complete all Lantern Constructs
Batcaveman Batcaveman
Complete all Free Play in the Batcave
Watchtower Wanderer Watchtower Wanderer
Complete all Free Play in the Watchtower
Everyone is awesome Everyone is awesome
View the credits without skipping them
Gold Rush Gold Rush
Complete all Gold Brick challenges
Hinteresting Hinteresting
Unlock and purchase all hints
Red all over Red all over
Unlock and purchase all red bricks
DC-peasy DC-peasy
Unlock and purchase all characters
Counter crazy Counter crazy
Perform 20 counter attacks
Caped Crusader Caped Crusader
Complete all the Gold Brick Combat challenges
Ner-ner na ner-ner Ner-ner na ner-ner
Defeat 10 enemies with Superman's heat vision while flying
And stay down And stay down
Perform 30 ground finishers
Nostalgia Trip Nostalgia Trip
Complete The Containment Facility with the Batman 1966 Mode Red Brick active
Galactic Attack Galactic Attack
Complete all the Gold Brick Space Combat Challenges in the game
Techno Prisoners Techno Prisoners
Get maximum studs on all the Techno Access puzzles in all the levels
Okaara Run Okaara Run
Complete The Breach of Okaara in 3 loops or less
Metagamer Metagamer
Use the arcade machine
Aq-where-ium? Aq-where-ium?
Discover Aquaman's tea party
Crocaught in the act Crocaught in the act
Discover the Killer Croc goon's prank