LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Trophy List

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Complete all other trophies
Complete chapter 1
Complete chapter 2
Complete chapter 3
Complete chapter 4
Complete chapter 5
Complete chapter 6
Complete chapter 7
Complete chapter 8
Complete chapter 9
Complete chapter 10
Complete chapter 11
Complete chapter 12
Complete chapter 13
Complete chapter 14
Complete chapter 15
Unlock all the suits in the game
Complete all the Gold Brick Builds in the game
Collect all the microchips
Find all the Joker cards
Complete 100 Gold Brick challenges
Collect 100,000,000 studs
Achieve 100% completion
Destroy all Joker LEGO objects
Destroy all Luthor LEGO objects
Destroy all Batman LEGO objects
Complete all Lantern Constructs
Complete all Free Play in the Batcave
Complete all Free Play in the Watchtower
View the credits without skipping them
Complete all Gold Brick challenges
Unlock and purchase all hints
Unlock and purchase all red bricks
Unlock and purchase all characters
Perform 20 counter attacks
Complete all the Gold Brick Combat challenges
Defeat 10 enemies with Superman's heat vision while flying
Perform 30 ground finishers
Complete The Containment Facility with the Batman 1966 Mode Red Brick active
Complete all the Gold Brick Space Combat Challenges in the game
Get maximum studs on all the Techno Access puzzles in all the levels
Complete The Breach of Okaara in 3 loops or less
Use the arcade machine
Discover Aquaman's tea party
Discover the Killer Croc goon's prank