Trophy List

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Collect all the other trophies to unlock
Complete the first sword training
Win the first fight against Boarax
Complete the second sword training
Finish the first boar race
Get a 15x combo
Get a 20x combo
Upgrade your extra lives to 9
Win the fight against Jia-Gu
Win the fight against Shun's bodyguard
Win the fight against Qian Bei the ancestor
Win the fight against The Dreaded Chei Ni
Win the fight against Alchemist Tak
Finish the game on „Hard“ difficulty
Upgrade your health points to the maximum
Upgrade your chi points to the maximum
Collect 3 different armour types
Collect all claws in the game
Collect all hammers in the game
Win an extra race without collecting a chilli
Collect all swords in the game
Find and activate all demon portals
Finish the game on „Nightmare“ difficulty
Win the fight against Minister Shun