Laser Disco Defenders Trophy List

Intergalactic Disco Star Intergalactic Disco Star
Complete story mode with all characters
Rollin' with Liz Rollin' with Liz
Complete story mode with Liz
Throwing down with Tommy Throwing down with Tommy
Complete story mode with Tommy
Deliver it with Donna Deliver it with Donna
Complete story mode with Donna
Bake it like Baker Bake it like Baker
Complete story mode with Mr. Baker
Can you diiiiig iit?!! Can you diiiiig iit?!!
Get to cave 14 in endless mode
You are digggin' it!!!! You are digggin' it!!!!
Get to cave 21 in endless mode
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Diverse styles Diverse styles
Try out every outfit combination
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Don't cross the beams Don't cross the beams
Complete a cave with more than 50 lasers in it
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Stayin' alive Stayin' alive
Survive 8 caves without taking a hit
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Murder on the dancefloor Murder on the dancefloor
Take out 1978 enemies
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Get Lucky Get Lucky
Pick up more than 10 hearts in one game