Kona Trophy List

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Unlock every trophy.
Reach the General Store.
Complete Gilles Lachance's vision.
Complete Gisèle Lachance's vision.
Complete Réjean Blouin's vision.
Complete Jean-Guy Lamothe's vision.
Find a winter coat to keep you warm.
Repair the snowmobile.
Get rid of the ice wall.
Find Hamilton's killer.
Complete the game.
In typical Canadian fashion, Carl left $10 for the cutoff chain.
Complete the game without using vehicles (past the Store).
Find every house and cabin in the village.
Find all evidence tied to Hamilton's death.
Find all crossbow bolts.
Collect the 10 letters from Martin Blais' treasure hunt.
Get rid of wolves without killing.
Find three talismans.
Find all talismans.
Find all documents.
Shoot the Wendigo with the rifle.
Activate the spaceship.
Find the rifle.
Send a radio message with a big antenna.
Shoot a flare at night.
Throw a steak at a strange creature.
End the unfinished chess games.
Complete the game without drinking any alcohol.
Complete the game without smoking any cigarettes.
Find all campfires in the wild.
Clear the boulders near the Lachances' house.
Light a dark area with the lantern.
Complete the game without firing any firearms shot.
Take a picture needed for the investigation.
Take all pictures needed for the investigation.