Knockout League Trophy List

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Earn every trophy
Complete all sections of the tutorial
Win your first fight
Get "In the Zone" (get Gold Gloves)
Defeat Iron Maiden without ripping your gloves
Parry Scurvy's headbutt attack 3 times
Get an interrupt 5 times against Barrage
Parry Crimson Fang's double uppercut attack (Grudge Match Mode)
Get an interrupt 5 times against Volt
Defeat The Magician without punching the wrong portal
Defeat Octopunch without getting inked
Without getting hit, block all of Showtime's punches in a single match
Interrupt Tri-Tip's Meathook attack 3 times
Wipe a gallon of Octopunch's ink off
Shake the Magician's bunny off
Defeat all Pro Circuit fighters
Defeat all Superstar Circuit fighters
Defeat all Champion Circuit fighters
Achieve a cumulative "superscore" of 5000000 on the Elite Circuit
Achieve a cumulative "superscore" of 7000000 on the World-Class Circuit
Achieve a cumulative "superscore" of 6000000 on the Legend Circuit
Defeat all fighters without taking damage (Grudge Match Mode)
Get 1500 points on stamina mode Focus Mitts
Complete hard mode Focus Mitts without making more then 3 mistakes
Get 300 points on hard mode Speed Bag
Get 25000 points on stamina mode Reflex Alley
Complete hard mode Reflex Alley without making more than 5 mistakes
Throw Showtime's money back at him when he's down