Kitten Squad Trophy List

Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Complete a story quest.
Punchback Punchback
Defeat the Sheep Puncher.
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Complete 3 bounty quests.
Free Olivia Free Olivia
Rescue Olivia from the imprisonment by Sealand.
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded
Collect and use every base weapon in the game.
Kittens With Style Kittens With Style
Purchase at least one type of every customization.
Friends of the Sea Friends of the Sea
Rescue whales, dolphins, and sealions from Sealand.
Looting Machine Looting Machine
Loot at least 20,000 Kitten Coins.
Friendly Sheep Friendly Sheep
Rescue at least 100 sheep.