Kingdom Two Crowns Trophy List

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Awarded when you get all previous trophies
Recruited eight archers
You got free walls.
You started your camp.
You hunted 40 or more bunnies.
You didn't kill anything.
You had more gold than you could carry.
You cleared an acre of land.
You forged a new Crown
You held a Gem
You destroyed a portal.
Sail away before day 6!
Ride 4 different steeds on the same land
Put 4 hermits on the same boat
I have 20 max-level towers on a single land
Escape the cave with your crown in tact
Set fire to 20 greed with one flame barrel
Revive a Land after 200 days of decay
Have lighthouses on all 5 lands
Clear all trees from a single land.
Beat a portal with a squire
Defeat the Greed on one land
Defeat the Greed on two lands
Defeat the Greed on three lands
Defeat the Greed on four lands
Defeat the Greed on all five lands
Defeat the Greed from all five lands in a single reign
Retrieve your crown 300 times
Sail to another land in Coop 50 times