Kinetica Trophy List

Bright Future Bright Future
Finish a Single Race in first place.
Racing Evolved Racing Evolved
Watch the Kinetica History movie.
Human Vortex Human Vortex
Boost your stunt combo meter to x 8.
Warp Speed Warp Speed
Reach 350 MPH.
Shock Wave Shock Wave
Hit three or more opponents with one Burst Attack.
Jackpot Jackpot
Fill the Power-up Circle 5 times in one race.
Pole Position Pole Position
Earn the best time on any track.
Overpowered Overpowered
Win a race by more than 5 seconds.
Excavation Excavation
Finish all Season 2 races in first place.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Finish all Season 1 races in first place.
Out of this World Out of this World
Finish all Season 3 races in first place.
Technological Advances Technological Advances
Unlock all bonus characters and tracks.